Eastern Red Cedar

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Eastern Red Cedar Tree

Quick Facts:

The Eastern Red Cedar is a coniferous evergreen that is part of the Juniper family. While it can grow to as much as 75’ tall, it will take a very long time to reach that height. A traditionally slow growing tree, its bark is fibrous, a reddish-brown color and will peel off in narrow strips. While a potent allergen, it is not near as potent as the Ashe Juniper. It is tolerant to both hot and cold climates and thrives in the most adverse soil conditions. Over the past 200 years, Eastern Red Cedars have been used as hunting property dividers for Native Americans and windbreaks and fence posts by farmers throughout North America. It has been called the “red stick” thus, Baton Rouge, LA was named for this tree. Eastern Red Cedars can be planted very close together and therefore provide excellent visual screens between neighbors. This tree also delivers juniper berries, which are a popular Winter food supply for many birds.