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Fannin Tree Farm was established in 1977 by founders Michael and Cindy Fannin.

About Fannin Tree Farm

Fannin Tree Farm was established in 1977 by founders Michael and Cindy Fannin. For more than 35 years we have provided only the highest quality trees that have shaded, beautified and accentuated countless residential and commercial properties in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex. In addition to providing incomparably grown trees, Fannin Tree Farm offers a complete buying experience from the time you step foot on our extensive nursery to the time your tree is expertly installed on your property. Whether your goal is to provide shade, increase property value, enhance privacy or simply improve the aesthetics of your landscape, Fannin Tree Farm is sure to have the perfect tree or collection of trees to fulfill your needs.

When Mike Fannin took a step back from running the daily operations of Fannin Tree Farm, his two sons Blake and Barrett Fannin took over the daily operations. With Blake and Barrett at the helm of Fannin Tree Farm, they have successfully doubled the size of Fannin Tree Farm’s growing operation. Today the farm is growing over 300,000 trees. They have added mechanical tree spading to the services provided by the company and strategically hired key individuals to support industry verticals, including golf and municipal. Blake can be seen every morning meeting with the crews and every day on a job site. Barrett can be found every day in the office managing all of the financial aspects of Fannin. Their ability to see and manage the big picture along with their hands on approach has proved extremely successful.

At Fannin Tree Farm, you will find the largest selection of trees in the Metroplex, as well as a knowledgeable team that is ready and willing to help you in any way they can. An experienced installation team is critical to the livability and continued healthy growth of your trees. Each Fannin installation crew averages 25 years of experience in planting trees. Further, any tree purchased from and installed by Fannin Tree Farm comes complete with the one-year Fannin Guarantee that starts the day the tree is installed.

Homeowners and businesses looking for a great buying experience along with masterfully grown trees that will stand the test of time can learn more by visiting our Retail Center or calling (972) 747-9233.

Can Squirrels Really Grow Trees?

Every March before the leaves on the trees budded out, my dad would drop me off at his mom’s house for a down and dirty spring cleaning of her yard. Granny Halley was a kind, wise and generous old wrinkly woman who always greeted me with a massive hug and a wet kiss on my forehead. I would return her love with a hug and a loud “I love you too Halley.”

When I was just eight years old, Granny Halley introduced me to the beauty of trees. She would take me around her garden and point out where brown squirrels had planted acorns in the ground for winter food. Those acorns not dug up for food by the squirrels would turn into new trees in late spring. Halley carefully demonstrated how to dig up the new trees. With the skill of an old surgeon, she would use a small hand spade and skillfully gather the bulb of the acorn, leaving the dirt fully intact. She would then replant the small trees in her garden. After a couple more growing seasons she would grade the trees for their quality and ultimately replant the trees in her yard or give them away to friends.

It did not take me very long to figure out I could harvest the small acorn plugs, put them in Folgers coffee cans and sell them as trees to my neighbors. I would take my rusty little red wagon and go door to door with my new trees, selling them for $5 each. I would harvest approximately 50 to 60 trees a season. That was a lot of money for an eight-year-old boy. With my money, I bought a Go Cart and baseball cards to trade with my friends.

Yes, early spring is my favorite time of the year, right before the trees bud and when grandmothers all over the world greet their grandchildren with big hugs and sometimes wet kisses on the forehead. – M. Fannin