Here at Fannin Tree Farm, we enjoy helping our customers with any issues regarding their newly purchased trees. From providing expert tree care assistance on our sales lot to professional tree installation at their destinations, our tree specialists love lending our customers a helping hand because we want all Fannin trees to survive and thrive for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for the Public Utility Marking (811) on my property?2023-10-10T15:14:34+00:00

Fannin Tree Farm will contact 811 to mark public lines.

What do I need to do prior to my install?2023-06-07T01:01:29+00:00

Click here to see what you’ll need prior to install.

What Is The Fastest Growing Tree?2023-06-07T01:01:20+00:00

The Maples, Red Oak and the Chinese Pistachio are our fastest growing trees. The Maples grow an average of 3′ per year. The Red Oak and Chinese Pistachio grow an average of 2′ – 3′ per year.

How Do I Care For My Newly Planted Tree?2023-10-27T22:42:58+00:00

Once you purchase your tree, you will receive written instructions that explain the seasonal needs of your tree. Find out more about basic tree water and tree maintenance here.

What About Unusual Planting Situations And Extra Expenses?2023-10-27T22:44:01+00:00

Crane charges, underground utility lines, fence removal and replacement, jackhammer rental and extra labor for rock, plant and shrub removal, and rerouting of sprinkler system lines are the financial responsibility of the purchaser.

What is Your Order Cancellation Policy?2023-10-27T22:44:46+00:00

You can cancel an order but keep in mind, we charge a return service fee of 3% on all orders. We also charge a 20% restocking fee on all orders canceled within 48 hours of scheduled install. Special order deposits and pre-payments are non-refundable.

Why Should I Buy A Tree?2023-10-30T14:11:22+00:00

Trees increase the value of your home and provide shade, comfort, and decrease utility bills. Our sales professionals can help you determine the exact location and type of tree that would be best for your specific needs, and we carry a one-year written warranty.

Tree Care Guides

Post Planting Water & Care Guide

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Summer Heat Guide


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