Fannin Tree Guarantee

Fannin Tree Farm guarantees the livability of all trees sold for one year from the date of installation. Other companies may require you to pay a portion of the original cost to replace a tree that has failed, or they will try to place blame on the customer.

Fannin Tree Farm Warranty

All trees shall be under warranty for one year (1 year) from the day of installation at said address and same location of original planting. Warranty is non-transferable to a new owner and is only valid for original purchaser at original address.
Warranty will cover only one tree replacement. Warranty will not apply if the tree dies due to fire, freezes, storms, high winds, drought, insects, hail, diseases, extreme heat, other acts of nature, damage, theft, owner’s neglect, including under-watering, over-watering, planting on top of the root ball, hanging items or lighting in the tree and poor drainage.
Any tree that dies under this warranty (1 year from plant date), will be removed and replaced. No prior discounts or warranties will apply to credit value. This warranty only covers the dollar value paid of the original tree at the time of purchase. Fannin Tree Farm will not cover any additional cost of a replacement due to an increased value in inventory.
Owner will assume any extra cost incurred by Fannin Tree Farm to remove any fences, walls, stone, or brick planter for the replacement tree. If a crane or additional equipment is needed for setting tree replacement, an extra charge will be added. If rock is encountered, an additional charge must be added to cover the coast of air hammer or additional labor.

Please report any signs of declining health to Fannin Tree Farm immediately. This will insure we can try and help the tree survive. You can report all issues for a declining / stressed tree here. Once pictures have been reviewed or a site visit made, you will receive an email with information on the next steps.

Warranty does not cover fertilization treatments, insecticide treatments, removal of stakes, tree pruning, or any other treatments provided by the customer during the one-year warranty period.

Fannin Tree Farm provides a service team to help our customers with any issues or questions they have about their tree’s health, disease, watering instructions or other tree related questions. Almost all of these issues can be done by the customer sending us pictures. In the rare occasions we can’t, we will make a visit to your home to look at the tree in question. While there is no fee for this service, any treatments, pruning, mulching, etc. does have a cost associated with it. To get service help you must fill out a work order and submit pictures.

Fannin Tree Farm does not warrant trees picked-up and planted by a customer or customer representative.

WARRANTY WILL BE VOIDED IF: you add additional soil or plant material on top of the root ball. This includes sod, turf, weed guard, flowers, shrubs, gravel, rock, etc. Do not add lighting, nail, or secure any items to the tree. Do not hang anything from the tree. Watering your tree only with a sprinkler or only using a gator bag will void your warranty.

Peace Of Mind

At Fannin Tree Farm, we believe in standing behind our trees and providing impeccable customer service if one of our trees or selection of trees fail.

Fannin’s professionals take pride in the trees they sell and install because our trees are of the highest quality, and our installation processes are time-proven and ensure our trees’ vitality and continued beauty.

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