Bald Cypress

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Bald Cypress Tree

Quick Facts:

This conifer adapts best and is acclimated to wet conditions. Its foliage is medium green, soft-textured and fern-like. Its attractive fall color is a dark, rusty red. This beautiful tree has the ability to live more than 100 years and is an excellent choice for areas with wet soil conditions. It grows 1.5’-2’ per year and can reach a height of 60-70 feet at maturity. However, in the Florida Everglades, they have been found at over 120’ tall and 500 years old. Growing best in humid climates, the Bald Cypress also thrives in warm, dry areas as well. The cones are round and green and range in size from ½” to 1 ½ ”. Upon maturity, they turn brown and fall apart releasing 20-30 triangular shaped seeds. The Bald Cypress will grow rapidly when young but slow down as they age. In fact, the Bald Cypress can grow to 40’-50’ in its first 15-25 years. Its light, feathery leaves make it a popular ornamental, but its size qualifies it as an excellent shade tree. Municipalities are using the Bald Cypress in increasing numbers due to its ability to thrive in urban areas where air pollution, compacted soil, drought and poor drainage are prevalent. Being one of the few conifers that sprouts, they normally emanate from the stumps of younger trees. If they survive, the sprouts normally do not produce quality trees. The older the tree, the less vigorous and susceptible to wind damage the sprouts become.