8 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Landscape

It’s been a mild (if not warm) winter so far here in North Texas, so it feels like spring came a bit early this year. This of course means spending more time outside and enjoying the fresh air and sunlight. As you’ve been outside, you have probably noticed various things you can to do to spruce up your landscape for the new season. So, to help you achieve an attractive landscape while caring for your trees this spring, our tree service experts here at Fannin Tree Farm have compiled this spring tree service checklist to assist you.

  1. Do an audit of your trees and shrubs.

    Before diving too far into making any landscaping enhancements on your spring tree service checklist, it’s important to inspect your trees and shrubs; be sure to check for any damage, signs of disease and dead limbs.

  2. Prune your trees.

    This is one of the most important items on our spring tree service checklist because pruning your trees and shrubs promotes healthy growth and supports overall vitality. When pruning, be sure to snip any dead, damaged, diseased and broken branches you find. Further, it’s best to prune from mid-winter through early spring.

  3. Spread mulch around your trees.

    Adding mulch around your trees helps with moisture retainment and soil integrity. When adding mulch, apply around the base of your trees, leaving space (i.e., three to five inches) between the mulch and the trunk to guard against pest infestation. Be careful to not use too much mulch, as it can disturb aeration and moisture levels and lead to rotting at the tree base.

  4. Check for signs of pests.

    Various pests and diseases are common during springtime months. As you work through your spring tree service checklist, be sure to routinely check your trees, shrubs and other vegetation for signs of pests. Depending on what you find, you may want to reach out to Fannin Tree Services for professional pest management services.

  5. Give your trees some extra support.

    If you have any young or delicate trees on your landscape, you may benefit from cabling and/or bracing the trees. This enhanced support ensures your trees can stand up to high winds and severe springtime weather.

  6. Be cautious when using chemicals.

    We’ve included this item in our spring tree service checklist because it’s common for people to use certain chemicals when dealing with weeds. If you plan to use chemicals to keep weeds and particular types of grasses at bay, do not spray them near your trees’ foliage or root zone.

  7. Be careful when using lawn care equipment.

    Not only can lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and other lawn care equipment cause harm to your well being, but they can also pose a risk to your trees if they come in contact with them. Nicks, cuts and abrasions on a tree’s surface can injure bark, weaken the tree’s defense system, aid in the spread of disease and lead to further, costly damage.

  8. Plant new trees.

    Spring is a time for new beginnings, so we’ve included planting new trees in our spring tree service checklist. If you want to add new trees to your landscape, take advantage of the warm weather and come on out to Fannin Tree Farm to peruse our expansive tree inventory before the spring rush. As always, every tree purchase comes complete with professional installation and our one-year Fannin Guarantee.

If you have any questions about any of the items on this spring tree service checklist, don’t hesitate to call (972) 747-9233 or contact us here. We fortunately have a highly qualified, certified arborist—Barbara Villarreal—on our team, who will be happy to help in any way she can. Further, if you’d like some assistance with checking items off our spring tree service checklist, contact Fannin Tree Services for pruning, tree removal, pest management, bracing/cabling and more!