Commercial Services

Fannin Tree Commercial Services

Fannin Tree Farm specializes in installing, transplanting and supplying trees for commercial clients, builders, municipalities, golf courses and landscapers across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and beyond. Our crews are highly trained and very experienced. See the Fannin Difference, with a company that has been in business for over 40 years.

Fannin Tree Farm’s Wholesale Program offers substantial savings on any project size. Regardless of how many trees your clients are looking to plant or transplant, we will get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively. Fannin Tree Farm had been Texas’s trusted tree source for more than 40 years.

Wholesale Tree Installation

Fannin Tree Farm offers very competitive pricing on tree installations packages that can be priced with or without a warranty.

Why Fannin is your Choice for Wholesale Tree Installation

  • Wholesale installation specialists for over 40 years
  • Largest tree contractor in DFW area that grows their own trees.
  • Over 200,000 trees in the ground to choose from
  • Highly experienced crews with the right equipment
  • Competitive installation pricing available with or without warranties
  • Provide your client the opportunity to hand select their trees from our lot or growing farm

Wholesale Tree Transplanting

Fannin has the latest equipment and the highly skilled employees to complete efficiently any size tree transplant project you come across. We successfully transplant thousands of trees each year. Whether you have a small or large project we can meet and exceed your needs. Fannin Tree Farm has transplanted trees throughout its 40-year history. Fannin has experience in transplanting trees from 3” caliper to 35+” caliper, with root ball sizes ranging from 40” – 350”.

Why Fannin is your Choice for Wholesale Tree Transplanting

  • Successfully transplant thousands of trees each year
  • Huge cost saving versus installing all new material
  • Different size tree spades available with trained operators
  • Highly skilled hand-dig teams for larger transplants

Wholesale Tree Supply

We offer premium Containerized and Field Grown trees to our clients with the assurance of on-time delivery. Our growing methods have been proven to produce trees that will flourish on your projects. We pride ourselves on our service and dependability so that you won’t waste time and money waiting on a supplier.

Why Fannin is your Choice for Wholesale Tree Supply

  • Premium container and field-grown inventory
  • Reliable and dependable on-time delivery
  • Dedicated to highest quality growing methods
  • Hand select and pick up your trees from our lot or farm

Fannin Tree Farm Equipment

Equipment on Hand & Equipment Certifications:
All equipment is owned and insured by Fannin Tree Farm. Our equipment is located on our lot in Frisco, Texas and is accessible within the 24-hour response time. All equipment is kept on strict preventative maintenance schedules as well as inspected as required by DOT and or the State of Texas.

6 Backhoes
4 Skid Loaders
4 Sky Tracks
8 Tree Spades
6 International Crew Trucks
2 Semi-Trucks
2 Water Trucks
3 Air Spade, Deep Root Injector, Arbor Jet Trunk Injector
6 Heavy Haul Trailers
3 Stump Grinder, 12” Chipper and Chipper Truck
15 ½ ton to 1 ton crew trucks
2 Mechanic’s Truck – fully equipped and field ready


Certified Backhoe Operators

ESC Certified Training
OSHA Compliant
Personal Certified: All drivers and supervisors

Certified Sky Trac/Telehandler Operators

ESC Certified Training
OSHA Compliant
Personal Certified: All drivers and supervisors

Certified Rigging

eTraining, Inc.
OSHA Compliant
Personal Certified: Drivers, supervisors and crew members

Certified Crane Signaling

eTraining, Inc.
OSHA Compliant
Personal Certified: Drivers, supervisors and crew members


  • Fully insured
  • All equipment DOT inspected
  • All supervisors and drives are licensed and drug tested
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