Contractor References & Projects

Realty Capital Management

Project: Lakeside Development

Job Date: 2013 – Current

Contractor Address:
909 Lake Carolyn Parkway, Ste. 150

Irving, Texas 75039

Contact: Brian Leek, Project Manager

Job location: Flower Mound, Texas

Job Description:

Transplanted 110+ trees ranging from 6” to 15” caliper.

Built a holding yard and currently maintaining trees.

Trees to be planted back to project once construction is complete.


Site Planning, Site Development

Project: Capital One Bank

Job Date: 2013 – Current

Contractor Address: 1108 107th Street

Arlington, Texas 76011

Contact: Jimmy Stewart, Project Manager

Job location: Plano, Texas

Job Description:

Installing 50+ trees throughout the project.

Trees ranging in size from 3” to 10” caliper.


Wright Construction Co. Inc.

Project: Tom Braniff Waterline

Job Date: 2013 – Current

Contractor Address: 601 W. Wall Street

Grapevine, TX 76051

Contact: Ashley Wright, Project Manager

Job Address: Tom Braniff, Irving, Texas

Job Description:

Transplanting eight 7” to 20” caliper trees to make room for a new waterline.


JE Dunn Construction

Project: Beal Bank

Job Date: 2008 – 2010

Contractor Address: 17177 Preston Rd # 210

Dallas, TX 75248-1241 – Phone: 214- 651-7103

Contact: Matt Burnett, Project Manager

Job Address: 6000 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75024

Job Description:

Transplanted 60 Live Oak and Magnolia trees ranging from 10” to 16” caliper.

Built a holding yard on-site and maintained trees for 8 months.

Replanted trees back to project once multi-level parking lot was complete.


Dynamic Building Corporation

Project: Whole Foods Plano, Texas

Job Date: 2007 – 2009

Contractor Address: 51 Pennwood Place, Suite 200

Warrendale, PA 1508 – Phone: 724-772-9020

Contact: Dean Collins, Project Manager

Job Address: 2201 Preston Road, Plano, TX 75093

Job Description:

Transplanted 125+ trees ranging from 6” to 15” caliper.

Built a holding yard and maintained trees for 6 months.

Replanted trees back to project once construction was complete.


Beck Construction

Project: Episcopal School of Dallas

Job Date: 2008 – 2009

Contractor Address: 1807 Ross Avenue, Suite 500

Dallas, TX 75201 – Phone: 214-303-6200

Contact: Greg Powell, Project Manager

Job Address: 4100 Merrell Road, Dallas, TX 75229

Job Description:

Transplanted 8 trees ranging from 15” to 28” caliper.

Replanted the trees directly back to the project.


LandPlan Development

Project: Baylor Medical Center, Stonebriar Park & Chapel Creek

Job Dates: 2005 – 2009

Contractor Address: 5400 Dallas Parkway

Frisco, TX 75034-7204 – Phone: 214-618-3800

Contact: Shawn Gilligan, Project Supervisor

Job Address: 5601 Warren Parkway, Frisco, TX 75034

7600 Chapel Creek Blvd., Frisco, Texas 75034

Project Description:

Transplanted 15 trees ranging from 12” to 16” caliper.

Replanted the trees to the project.


Additional References:

SJ Louis Construction

Mansfield, TX 76063


ISS Ground Control

San Antonio, Texas 78233


Valley Crest

Dallas, TX 75230