What You Should Know

We love trees and enjoy educating others about how to care for the trees on their property. This being the case, we feel it’s highly important that you know about wood decay. Wood decay is caused by fungi and bacteria that enter weak areas of trees, such as wounds, cracks and crevices. Once these weak areas become sites for insects and decay, trees loose their structural strength.

Could your trees be affected by wood decay? Here a few common signs and causes:

  • Weaknesses in the bark tissue, mushrooms or seepage
  • String trimmer or mechanical damage
  • Excess moisture from irrigation or poor drainage
  • New plant landscapes around mature trees
  • New home construction – heavy equipment causing soil compaction
  • Crown dieback or tip decline

Luckily, Fannin Tree Services can evaluate your trees for indicating signs of decay organisms, as well as manage and improve the health of diseased trees. Our trained tree care technicians take the utmost care by sanitizing our tools between trees and sealing large pruning wounds with an organic pruning sealer. Some wood decay is not curable, but with proper soil management, and early identification, the life of a tree can be greatly prolonged. We build stable organic carbon in the soil as well as soil microbial activity to allow the plant to recover more naturally. Our goal is to stop or slow the disease and create a soil environment that replicates nature.

Please do not hesitate to contact Fannin Tree Services today if you notice any signs of weakness in your trees. Now is the perfect time of year to have our ASCA Consulting Arborist complete a tree risk assessment and check your trees’ structural strength!