Tree Watering Guide

Tree Watering Guide

Newly planted trees from Fannin Tree Farm should be watered at least 3 times a week using a slow soak, deep watering method (e.g. by hand with a water hose, soaker hose, Gator Bag or drip/bubbler system). Your sprinkler system will not be enough unless it is on a drip or bubbler system. Tree Gator Bags need to be filled every 2 to 3 days. During each watering, trees need 5 gallons of water for every caliper inch. So if your tree measures 6 caliper inches, that’s 30 gallons of water each watering cycle.

Caution – There is no set watering schedule, water as needed. Check the moisture level first. Sprinkler systems are not sufficient when it comes to properly watering your trees.

Best Tree Watering Practices for Temperature Ranges

These are just guide lines for watering and certain factors should be kept in mind like rain, cloud cover and temperature. Please adjust watering accordingly.

  • Below 70 degrees – water as needed; check top of trees’ root ball for moisture.
  • 70-80 degrees – once a week
  • 80-90 degrees – twice a week
  • 90-100 degrees – three times a week
  • 100+ degrees – as needed
  • Please keep in mind it is possible to overwater a tree.

Tree Overwatering Signs

For signs of overwatering, start with checking the top of the root ball, which can be done by simply walking across the top of the area. You are looking for saturation; the surface can be damp, but your foot should not sink in.

Using Mulch Around Trees

When using mulch, keep a depth of no more than 1.5 to 2 inches on top of the root ball. Too much mulch can result in lack of oxygen to the tree, causing suffocation.

To ensure the prolonged longevity of your trees, we proudly offer the Fannin Thrive Tree Program, which is comprised of seasonal treatments as well as some additional arboricultural services.