Summertime is all about tree maintenance. First and foremost, we prune trees for health, safety and aesthetics. A well-maintained tree looks natural, while be managed. An overgrown, poorly maintained tree is pretty obvious. Mature tree pruning should only be conducted under the supervision of a certified arborist.

Structural Pruning

During any season, structural pruning is a great way to maintain balance and improve the structure of a tree. We have trained our arborist and technicians on how to identify structural defects, such as; codominant stems, included bark, and poor branch attachments. These defects may lead to tree failures if not corrected.

Mistletoe Removal

Mistletoe is a parasitic plant that is often identified in Cedar Elms, Hackberries, and many other species of trees. While the trees are dormant, we suggest removing mistletoe, prior to blooming, to prevent further spread.

Oak Pruning

The window for pruning oaks is open again. We recommend pruning your oaks prior to the middle of February and after the middle of June in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. This is to prevent an established disease known as Oak Wilt.

Supplemental Support Systems

During the summer months, the trees are weighted down. If you have not already taken the necessary steps to prevent limb failure, a supplemental support system may be a good way to mitigate branch failure potential. This may include extra-heavy strength cables, bracing rods, or even props for very old, low branching trees. Support systems help trees withstand the high winds and rain that occur throughout the year. Not all trees need supplemental support, but this should be determined by a trained arborist.

At Fannin Tree Farm, our tree services team offers comprehensive list of services. If you are interested in meeting with one of our arborist, give us a call at (972) 747-9233.