We may not sell Christmas trees here at Fannin Tree Farm, but we are passionate about the health – and safety – of all trees. And when you bring a live tree into the home like so many do during the holiday season, it’s that much more important to exercise important safety precautions.

Christmas tree fires are thankfully rare in the U.S., with an average of only 200 annually nationwide, but with these basic tips, we can hopefully get that number down to zero.

Tips for Preventing Live Christmas Tree Fires

  • Select a healthy tree with bright green needles that hold well when the tree is touched
  • Water the tree base daily, no exceptions. Dry trees are far more dangerous the flush trees
  • Position the tree at least three feet from any heat source, including fireplaces, candles, heating vents or lights
  • Do NOT position the tree in front of a doorway or exit
  • Confirm that your tree lighting is designed for indoor use – check the box!
    Replace any damaged bulbs or strings, and never use a string of lights with exposed or damaged wiring
  • Always turn off Christmas tree lights when out of the house or going to bed
  • After the holidays, ditch the tree! As in, remove it from the premises entirely. Many communities have recycling options for old Christmas trees. Again, this is because old and dry trees present a greater fire risk than healthy trees

So what’s the deal with dry trees? It’s not so much that dry trees are more likely to catch fire, it’s that when they do catch fire, they burn so much more quickly! An entire tree can go up in a matter of seconds.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently published this video showing the difference in how well-watered trees and dry trees burn:

Follow these basic steps, and you can enjoy a safe and happy holidays with your live Christmas tree. Thank you and happy holidays from all the folks at Fannin Tree Farm.