As we approach the inevitable hot Texas summer, it’s important to closely monitor your watering schedule and methods for watering your trees. Trees need to be watered routinely and correctly to ensure their lasting health and well being. A good approach is to periodically check the soil so that you can gain a feel of when to water. You want the underlying soil (soil that’s about 2-3 inches below the surface), to have similar moisture content as a damp sponge.

When watering, the water needs to be applied slowly so that the deep roots are fed. Light surface watering, such as sprinkler systems, are not adequate for trees and can promote shallow root systems while starving the deeper roots. The best place to apply the slow watering is the outer half of the root ball area under the canopy with a garden hose for about 10 -15 minutes, or 5 – 10 gallons of water, depending on the size of the tree. Other systems for watering such as a soaker hose, gator bag, or drip irrigation can be highly effective also. Mulch can be used to help maintain the moisture levels around the root ball. Mulch depth should stay around 2 – 4 inches deep.

Overwatering leads to a large amount of trees declining every year. Tree roots need to have the ability to breathe, and without a drying period, roots can slowly begin to die. One symptom of too much water is the unexpected lightening or yellowing of leaves starting on the lower part of the tree, and slowly moving outward.  Other symptoms may include wilting of young shoots or brittle green leaves.

We recommend the continued use of SuperThrive, at least once a month, to promote the health of your trees. Please don’t hesitate to call Fannin Tree Farm with any questions you might have.

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