As we come through the winter freeze, I can’t help but look forward to spring and all the outside time that is on the horizon for me. As I look out at all our trees here on the sales lot, I can’t help but think about the majestic live oaks, Chinese pistache and Bur Oak’s that someday may make a treehouse come true for a little princess, a fierce pirate, or a book worm. As a kid, treehouses were so cool to me. A house in the trees with the birds, squirrels, butterflies and lightning bugs. A get-a-way from a stinky brother, a place a princess lived.

Growing up in the country with the trees all around me, I used to dream of a treetop treehouse I could live in forever and be the princess of. Who knew that would become a trend and a possibility! Not only are there kid treehouses but now there are adult treehouses, resorts that boast treehouses, and shows on TV where people build over the top treehouses. I never dreamed that treehouses would become so cool and chic not only for kids but for adults, too. In fact, I wish someone would send me to time out in a treehouse.

It brings a smile to my face that someday some little boy, girl or even an adult might get a treehouse in one of our trees and not only will the tree bring joy to them but they will provide years of special memories for a “no girls allowed,” a reading nook, a pirate hang out, a chic adult only treehouse, a weekend retreat or all the other many things a treehouse can be.

Take a look at some of the cool treehouses we have found. When you find a treehouse you are ready for, let Fannin Tree Farm know. We can provide a treehouse ready tree, or we can provide a treehouse tree for the kids or grandkids in years to come.

Click here or Call Fannin Tree Farm at (972) 747-9233 for a free quote on a treehouse-ready tree!