Texas’ Top 5 Summer Flowering Trees

Texas' Top 5 Summer Flowering Trees | Fannin Tree Farms

When summers in the air, the kids are out of school & we are spending more time outside who does not want to be surrounded by summers flowering trees. Spring’s beautiful blooming trees of fresh flowers aren’t just limited to that season. There are many trees that thrive in our Texas climate during the summer and some of them produce the most colorful blooms around.

Here are Texas’ Top 5 Summer Flowering Trees:

  1. Vitex
  2. Desert Willow
  3. Crepe Myrtle
  4. Southern Magnolia
  5. Little Gem Magnolia

Vitex Trees Available at Fannin Tree Farms


Blooming Period: Late Spring – Early Fall
Flower Color: Purple
This multi-trunk tree is known for its breathtaking displays of purple blooms on long spikes that jet out at every growth tip during the late spring into summer. The Vitex has aromatic green leaves and is a rapid grower in most climate and soil conditions. It prefers summer heat for more colorful blooms. The Vitex is a drought-tolerant, pest-resistant tree that grows to reach a height between 10 and 20 feet at maturity. The Vitex’s twisting trunks under the bright flowering canopy gives this tree a unique, grand appearance. Its canopy is large and layered, which allows sunlight to penetrate the ground below. The Vitex requires minimal water and little maintenance while its blooms attract many pollinating insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

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Desert Willow

Blooming Period:Mid-Spring – Late Summer
Flower Color: White, Pink, or Purple
The Desert Willow is one of Texas’ best trees. Overall, it is somewhat delicate yet can withstand all the heat Texas can bring. Its leaves are long and narrow, its flowers are orchid-like and have a lengthy flower period. The flowers emanate from new branch growth, and therefore pruning accentuates the process. This water-wise and drought tolerant tree produces magnificent blooms of exotic trumpet-shaped purple flowers. The Desert Willow has an airy canopy and is visually appealing in many landscape styles. The flowers range in color from light pink to light violet. The seeds of the desert-willow are eaten by wildlife, and the flowers often attract hummingbirds.

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Desert Willow Trees Available at Fannin Tree Farms

Crepe Myrtle Trees Available at Fannin Tree Farms

Crepe Myrtle

Blooming Period: Late Spring – Late Fall
Flower Color: Red, White, Pink, or Purple
The Crepe Myrtle has something to offer for every season but stands out in late spring to summer when it begins producing stunning blooms of purple, pink, red, and white flowers that are pleasing to the eye. The Crepe Myrtle is known for its long and constant bloom cycle and works well in just about any landscape. One of the most beautiful characteristics of this tree is its slick, light-colored bark and small leaves that turn yellow and red in the fall. It grows 1.5 to 2.5 feet annually until it reaches a height between 10 and 25 feet at maturity. Is well-suited for hot, sunny climates.

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Southern Magnolia

Blooming Period: Early – Late Summer
Flower Color: White
Both a flowering tree and an ornamental tree, the Southern Magnolia is sure to turn heads in any landscape. Its large spoon-shaped leaves provide a thick canopy of shade and produce magnificent large billowing white blossoms that have a fragrant smell to them. They prosper in many conditions, and there is very little maintenance with this tree. It is loved for its year-round foliage and ability to look fantastic in many different landscapes. This magnolia grows one foot annually until it reaches a height between 60 and 70 feet at maturity.

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Southern Magnolia Trees Available at Fannin Tree Farms

Little Gem Magnolia Trees Available at Fannin Tree Farms

Little Gem Magnolia

Blooming Period: Early Summer – Late Fall
Flower Color: White
The Little Gem Magnolia is the perfect tree for your yard if you are seeking a smaller version of the evergreen magnolia without sacrificing any of the usual beauty. This is a stunning small tree for interior landscapes. The Little Gem Magnolia produces large, fragrant and saucer-shaped flowers that are creamy white in color and reach a width of 8 inches. It will continue to produce flowers for 6 months every year. This magnolia’s leaves are leathery with a deep, glossy green color on top and a bronzy brown, fuzzy underside. The Little Gem reaches only 20-25 feet with a spread of 8-12 feet and has a slow growth-rate, approximately 1½ feet per year.

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