It’s the Best Time of Year to Give Your Trees a Little TLC

Fall is the best season for planting trees—but did you know it is also a great time to give your mature trees a little extra protection? As the days get cooler, there are a few steps you can take to make sure your trees are healthy and thriving for many seasons to come. Four Preventative Methods to Protect Your Trees This Fall

  1. Install Structural Support Systems – Larger trees are prone to weak branch attachments. A Tree Risk Assessment Qualified Arborist should evaluate your trees for safety concerns and install customized structural support systems.
  2. Apply Oak Wilt Decline Preventative Treatments – Your oak trees may be at risk of oak wilt, a disease that spreads through trees’ wounds and root grafts. Not all oaks need to be treated for this disease, but you should consider applying an oak wilt preventative fungicide if it has been identified within a one-mile radius from your area.
  3. Utilize Proper Pruning Techniques  Applying professional pruning techniques will actually allow trees to grow more evenly over time on their own. Beyond this, proper pruning makes trees stronger during storms and less vulnerable to breakage.
  4. Construction Mitigation, Planning and Protection – It is very common for mature trees to die due to new home renovations and construction. If you are building a new home this fall, utilize an ASCA Consulting Arborist to partner with your construction company in order to properly plan and manage your project.

Whether you require a tree risk assessment, professional pruning services or an ASCA Consulting Arborist, Fannin Tree Services has everything you need to protect your trees this fall!