Are Your Trees Protected?

Oak trees are some of the most beautiful and popular trees in the state of Texas. They are also susceptible to a disease called Oak Wilt Decline. Oak Wilt Decline is a fungal disease that affects all oak species. It is most common in Red Oaks and Live Oaks. The vector of this disease is the Nitidulid beetle. However, Oak Wilt Decline can also be spread by root grafts and improper sanitation of pruning tools.

Here are some symptoms of Oak Wilt Decline that you can keep an eye out for:

  • Wilting and Leaf Discoloration
  • Fungal Mats in Bark
  • Abnormal Defoliation – Live Oaks naturally shed leaves in the early spring and grow new leaves. If your oaks are shedding leaves anytime from April through June, call us soon!

Fortunately, under the direction of our Oak Wilt Specialist, we have a 65% to 70% success rate with managing this disease on Live Oaks once they’re infected. Further, preventative fungicide treatments of oak trees in an Oak Wilt Quarantine area have a success rate of almost 100%.

Our Texas Oak Wilt Specialist has developed comprehensive sanitation practices to ensure all our efforts help prevent this disease in our area. If you are concerned about your trees’ health and would like to meet with our Texas Oak Wilt Specialist regarding preventative fungicide treatment, please call our Certified Arborist today at (469) 919-1829 to set up an appointment. You can also request an appointment here >.