It’s About to Be the Perfect Time to Plant Trees

This summer has been quite eventful here in North Texas. It started out a bit wetter than normal and came with quite a few storms. Then the heat returned full force to remind us all what summers in Texas are really like. Even though summer’s not officially over yet, fall is right around the corner, which means the perfect time to plant trees is upon us.

When it comes to trees, spring is the time for new growth, and fall is the ideal time for planting. Why, you ask? The soil conditions from autumn rain and cooler temperatures provide the perfect planting environment, allowing trees’ root systems to acclimate to their new surroundings as they head into dormancy and before they wake up for spring growth.

So if you’ve been thinking about getting a new tree for your residential or commercial property, take advantage of this time to select the perfect one! View our tree inventory here. As always, we are happy to help you during the selection process in any way we can! Feel free to give us a call, or contact us here anytime.