Fannin Tree Farm Professional Tree Fertilizer

It’s April, time to fertilize your trees!

Fannin Tree Farm is excited to announce we are replacing our Osmocote recommendation for post care of newly planted trees in April and August to our “slow release” Fannin Tree Farm Professional Tree Fertilizer in April and August.  Our new fertilizer is designed specifically for trees.

In May 2023, Fannin started planting our trees with the Fannin Tree Farm Professional Tree Fertilizer along with a preventative treatment for environmental insect issues such as bores and aphids as an added benefit for our customers at no charge.

Why Fannin’s Professional Tree Fertilizer?

In most of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the soil is very high in calcium, and magnesium is limited. Fannin’s Professional Tree Fertilizer aids in balancing nutrition and improves uptake of other nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorous, and iron. It also plays a role in developing plant cells and the chlorophyll molecule (which is responsible for photosynthesis).

Where can I get Fannin’s Professional Tree Fertilizer?

Fannin sells their Fanin Tree Farm Professional Tree Fertilizer in their retail center in Frisco, Texas.  You can buy it with your tree purchase, and you can come in any time and buy a new bottle as needed.

What if I still have Osmocote to use for the April fertilizer treatment?

You can still use the Osmocote to finish out what you have but when getting ready to re-stock we highly recommend you do so with Fannin’s Professional Tree Fertilizer.

Can I use Fannin’s Professional Tree Fertilizer on all my trees?

Yes, you can.  While newly planted trees definitely need the fertilizer in April and August, you can continue to use it on all your trees regardless of age.

Have additional questions? Please give us a call at 972-747-9233 or come on by the farm!