There’s a sense of crispness in the air, the weather is steadily getting more pleasant and the ever-popular pumpkin spice products have made their way to coffee shops and supermarkets near you. Yes, fall has officially arrived!

Along with fall comes the mindset that this season marks the end of the planting and growing season. However, this point of view is false, for fall is actually the perfect time to plant trees for a number of reasons including:

Better weather conditions – The cooler air and adequate rainfall allow trees to establish their root systems before winter rolls around.
Better soil conditions – Soil is usually warmer and less damp in fall than in springtime.
Optimum planting environment – Tending to newly planted trees in the spring and summer can make you work up a sweat. Planting in fall provides a more pleasurable planting experience.

Take advantage of this optimum tree-planting time, and come out to Fannin Tree Farm to find the perfect tree to plant this fall!