Be Sure to Steer Clear of These Harmful Tree Mistakes

Getting a new tree is a great way to add beauty and value to your property. But many new tree owners tend to make a few common mistakes. Four of the most common mistakes deal with:

  • INAPPROPRIATE WATERING– Under-watering or overwatering trees is the most common mistake new tree owners make. If you’d like detailed watering guidelines, see our professional pointers here.
  • LACK OF OXYGEN – Applying additional mulch without removing the old mulch or installing plants on top of a tree’s root ball can lead to a lack of oxygen to the root system, which will cause the tree’s health to decline.
  • CHEMICALS– Harsh chemicals—like herbicides, broadleaf weed killers and some fertilizers—can harm or even kill trees. They should be used with extreme caution.
  • MECHANICAL INJURY – Many trees, especially young ones, are damaged by the careless use of lawn mowers and weed trimmers. Be sure to exercise caution when using lawn-care machinery around your trees.

Many new tree owners wonder, “How do I care for my newly planted tree?” When you purchase a tree from Fannin, you will receive instructions explaining the seasonal needs of your tree. If you’re thinking about planting a new tree this summer, browse our inventory of premium trees here!