The customer is responsible for marking private lines.

Digging holes with shovels or heavy equipment to plant trees, using metal stakes to secure them or using a stump grinder or heavy equipment to remove existing trees involves the risk of damaging utilities in your yard. Fannin Tree Farm will contact 811 to mark public lines. The Customer is responsible for marking private lines. Fannin Tree Farm is not responsible for repairing any private lines not marked by the customer prior to install. You can locate your private lines yourself or find private line locators on-line if you want to hire one. Private lines are defined as the line from behind the service meter (gas, electric) to the house. Roots can grow into public and private lines underground, and a line can get entangled into the root ball. Fannin is not responsible for entangled line repairs if broken when removing a tree or root ball.

Examples of private lines include but are not limited to:

• Natural gas lines running to fire pits, BBQ grills, pool
• Heaters, spas, detached garage, etc.
• Landscape lighting, invisible pet fencing
• Water lines for water features, underground sprinklers
• Electric line running to out buildings, garages, gazebos
• Sheds, RV hook-ups, etc.

• Electric lines for parking lot lights
• Electric line for commercial signage
• Private sewer and water including septic laterals
• Water service
• Electric lines to center pivots
• Farm tap service lines
• Propane lines from tank to structure