The Fall is a beautiful time of the year; the temperature starts to go down and provides gorgeous fall color in plants. The Fall is known to be the best season to plant trees due to the cooler temperatures, dormancy approaching on deciduous trees lessening plant stress, and the adequate soil temperatures needed for optimum plant growth.

fall tree planting
The Fall also brings more rain and soil moisture creating an increased amount of root growth and development due to transpiration being low it allows more optimal root generation. The temperatures are moderate to cool and are more comfortable on the plants allowing less of a chance for the trees to be stressed by extreme summer heat. Planting in the earlier part of the Fall also provides for the most optimum plant growth before cooler winter temperatures arrive. We recommend planting a deciduous shade tree in the northwest corner of your property to give more shade and reduce heat from the afternoon sun. This will also help heat your home in the winter months.

Finally, always consult with a tree specialist to provide you with the best options for planting a tree for your property and area. We have a full staff of professionals that can provide the proper and necessary possibilities for planting such as species, size, aesthetics, and area of planting on your property.

If you have any questions about your trees, feel free to contact the professionals at Fannin Tree Farm. Our number is 972-747-9233, and we have a team of Arborists ready to serve.

Author Bio: Bradley Boobar has been in the plant science industry since 2011. He is originally from Mount Pleasant, TX. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Plant Science from Texas A&M University – Commerce and plans to continue his graduate education in the future.