1. Never forget to water during the Fall and Winter months.
    • It is a common misconception, that there is no need for watering in the Fall/Winter months. However, trees require water always throughout the year; we recommend to water as needed to keep the soil moisture at an adequate level always during the colder months.
    • To properly prepare for freezing temperatures in the Fall and Winter, make sure to water the trees an adequate amount the day/night before a freeze to maintain the soil temperature and decrease the chance of plant decline.
    • Visit our website to find our post-planting tree care guide and watering instructions.
  1. Rely on mulch.
    • Put mulch under your tree in the fall or early winter to help retain water and reduce temperature extremes in the soil.
    • A thin layer of mulch will act like a blanket and give the tree’s roots a little extra protection. Never put more than 1 to 1.5” of mulch over the root ball.
    • If you have a Fannin Tree with a tree well, now id the time to refresh your tree well by turning over the mulch and refreshing the tree well.
  1. Prune your trees.
    • Late fall is a good time to prune your trees. Not only are trees dormant in the colder months, but it is also easier to see a tree’s structure when there are no leaves on the branches.
    • Proper pruning is vital to the health of trees and plants, in part because it helps relieve stress on trees and keeps them growing. Just be aware that each tree is different and pruning at the wrong time or the wrong way can injure a tree making it more susceptible.”
    • Fannin does not recommend pruning trees for 2 to 3 years after the tree was planted. This allows the tree to recover from planting stress. It is ok to prune dead branches from a newly planted tree.
  1. Plant more!
    • Since autumn is the time of year for colorful, falling leaves, many people do not realize that it is also a prime time to plant new trees.
    • After cooler weather has set in, conditions are perfect for stimulating root growth in new trees. Once roots are established throughout the fall and dormancy of winter, spring showers and summer warmth encourage new top growth.

If you have any questions about your trees, planting trees, need a quote for pruning or tree well clean up and mulch, feel free to contact the professionals at Fannin Tree Farm. Our number is 972-747-9233 and we have a team of tree experts ready to serve.

Some of this content provided by the International Society of Arboriculture, a non-profit organization dedicated to tree-care research and education. Fannin Tree Farm is a member in good standing with ISA.