Tree-Planting Time Is Here!

After our hot Texas summers, October ushers in crisp breezes and cooler days like a breath of fresh air. Pumpkins and apples are piled high at grocery stores and children are buzzing with excitement for Halloween candy and costumes. But October also marks the beginning of tree-planting season!

It’s true; most of us associate fall with farewells to our gardens and flowers. While images of October are filled with orange leaves, this is actually the perfect time of year to plant trees for many reasons, including:

  • Better weather conditions – The mild temperatures and rainfall enable trees to establish their root systems before winter rolls around.
  • Better soil conditions – In the fall, soil is typically warmer and less damp—perfect conditions for planting.
  • Optimum planting environment – Cooler fall days make this planting season the most enjoyable for gardeners and green thumbs alike

The planting season has only just begun. Make sure to take advantage of the season and come out to Fannin Tree Farm to find the perfect tree to plant this fall! All of our premium trees are always backed by our one-year Fannin Guarantee.