Know When to Replace or Repair a Storm-Damaged Tree

Since North Texas is no stranger to severe weather, it’s important to know how to evaluate storm-damaged trees. Trees that have sustained any amount of damage from hail, wind or lightning can pose a hazard to your home, so you need to know the difference between a tree that can be given time to heal and a tree that needs to be replaced.

How to Assess the Damage

Damaged trees present a risky situation for homeowners. You don’t want to unnecessarily remove a storm-damaged tree, but you also need to protect your home from a potentially dangerous tree. In order to make the right decision about repair or replacement, you need to inspect and assess your tree for damage.

To effectively assess the amount of damage sustained, you need to consider the overall health of the tree. A tree that has not been previously storm damaged or affected by disease or pests has a high chance of surviving weather-related damage and not becoming a fallen tree.

One of the biggest factors that will determine a tree’s ability to survive after sustaining storm damage is the health of its crown. If at least 50% of your tree’s crown—the branches and leaves—is intact, it has a good chance of survival. If 50% of the crown is gone, however, the tree is unlikely to receive enough nourishment to survive and will no longer beautify your yard.

It is also important to inspect the tree’s wounds. A two- to three-inch wound on a limb with a 12-inch diameter will heal if the tree is healthy. Larger wounds are unlikely to heal, however, as they make the tree more susceptible to diseases and pests.

When to Replace

Usually, trees that have a structural weakness or have been affected by diseases or pests are not capable of surviving damage from a severe storm. These trees are more likely to suffer wounds that are too large to heal or a split trunk, which causes the tree to lose the connection from its roots to its leaves. Trees that have suffered this level of damage are unable to be repaired and must be removed to prevent posing a danger to your home.

Contact the Experts at Fannin Tree Farm

At Fannin Tree Farm, we are trained in storm recovery, damage prevention and fallen tree removal. If your trees have suffered any amount of storm damage, we can help you assess the damage and provide tree repair or removal services.