December has rolled around once again, which means it’s time to prepare your trees for Texas’ unpredictable wintry weather. To help, we’ve provided five simple tips for winter tree care:

  1. Pruning – If you decide to prune this winter to foster healthy spring growth, do so once your trees have entered dormancy (mid-to-late winter).
  2. Mulching – To avoid moisture and temperature fluctuations, apply mulch around the base of your tree. Leave space between the mulch and the truck to keep pests at bay.
  3. Bracing – Prepare for winter storms by bracing or cabling your trees’ main branches.
  4. Salting – If you use rock salt to winterize sidewalks and walkways, be sure to keep it away from trees, as it can impede proper water and nutrient absorption.
  5. Wrapping – To protect your tree from harsh winter conditions, you can wrap the truck with strips of burlap and secure them with twine.
If you have any questions or concerns about preparing your trees for winter, do not hesitate to contact the experts at Fannin Tree Farm!