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DD Blanchard Southern Magnolia

Adding this magnificent tree to a landscape is a Southern tradition. It produces long, bright green and glossy leaves and beautiful white, fragrant flowers. The crown is dense and conical in youth and becomes more rounded with age. This magnolia grows one foot annually until it reaches a height between 60 and 70 feet at maturity.




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Little Gem Magnolia

This is a stunning small tree for interior landscapes. The Little Gem Magnolia produces large, fragrant and saucer-shaped flowers that are creamy white white in color and reach a width of 8 inches. It will continue to produce flowers for 6 months every year. This magnolia’s leaves are leathery with a deep, glossy green color on top and a bronzy brown, fuzzy underside.




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Crepe Myrtle

As one of Texas’ beauties, the Crepe Myrtle adds color to any landscape during the hot days of summer. Its color palette can include red, white, pink and lavender. One of the most beautiful characteristics of this tree is its slick, light-colored bark and small leaves that turn yellow and red in the fall. It is best to use the Crepe Myrtle as a small specimen tree in full sun. It grows 1.5 to 2.5 feet annually until it reaches a height between 10 and 25 feet at maturity.




River Birch Tree

The ornamental River Birch tree favors moist soils and is typically found growing along the banks of streams and in swampy lowlands. This tree has interesting scaly bark with dark green foliage. Its leaves turn yellow in the fall before they drop. This birch will grow one foot per year until it reaches a height of 20 feet at maturity.




Yaupon Holly

The Yaupon Holly is a small, rounded tree with small, leathery green leaves that stay on the tree year round. This holly tree adapts well to either sunny or shady areas. On female trees, small red berries form on branches during winter months. It is a hardy, small specimen tree that is able to enhance any landscape.




Nellie R. Stevens Holly

The Nelly R. Stevens Holly has a naturally dense and broad pyramidal shape. The leaves are glossy with a dark green color and are among the darkest of any plant. The Nellie R Stevens Holly produces inconspicuous white flowers in the spring that, when pollinated, produce many vivid red berries. This holly tree will grow to be between 10 and 20 feet at maturity.




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East Palatka Holly

This medium-sized evergreen tree has lustrous and elongated green leaves and produces bright red berries during the Christmas season and through the winter months. This holly tree is adaptable to wet or dry soils and has a pyramidal growth pattern. It will grow to reach a height of 20 feet at maturity.




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Foster Holly

The Foster Holly is small-to-medium-sized evergreen tree with an upright, pyramidal habit. It typically grows to a mature height of 20 feet with a spread of 10 to 15 feet, which makes it the perfect tree for natural screening or hedge purposes. Its leaves are glossy, dark olive green and elliptical; about 2 to 3 inches long. It produces small white flowers in late spring, which are followed in fall by an abundant crop of red, berry-like drupes. Female plants will produce fruit even without fertilization from a male pollinator. This evergreen will grow to reach a height between 10 and 20 feet at maturity.


Desert Willow Tree

The Desert Willow is one of Texas’ best trees. Overall, it is somewhat delicate yet can withstand all of the heat Texas can bring. Its leaves are long and narrow, its flowers are orchid-like and have a lengthy flower period. The flowers emanate from new branch growth, and therefore pruning accentuates the process. The flowers range in color from light pink to light violet. While they will grow in areas with significant rainfall, they have to be planted in a raised bed to thrive. Don’t overwater this tree just because there has been no rain for a while. Although classified as a tree, it can be pruned like a shrub with careful attention to the development of the trunk. As a member of the Bignonia Family, the Desert Willow is not related to the Weeping Willow.



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Vitex Trees

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The Vitex tree is an attractive, hardy tree that produces clusters of colorful flower spikes in summer and fall. The Vitex has aromatic green leaves and is a rapid grower in most climate and soil conditions. It prefers summer heat for more colorful blooms. The Vitex is a drought-tolerant, pest-resistant tree that grows to reach a height between 10 and 20 feet at maturity.