One of the Good Ones & Many More

One of our long-term employees retired this month.  Bill has been with Fannin Tree Farm over 40 years. He wore many hats here over the years at Fannin, from tree installation, to crew chief, to tree expert in the sales office. I know one thing for sure: Bill will be missed by all of us.

Bill plans to spend his retirement on the lake catching up on his passion for fishing (and hopefully catching a few fish while he’s at it.)

As I thought about Bill’s departure, I realized how many long-term employees we have here at Fannin Tree Farm. Fannin is a family owned and operated business that has served the North Texas community for over 43 years.  Not only is Fannin Tree Farm family run, we have a lot of families that work here: brothers, cousins, uncles and their grown children. As we move forward, I realize we need to not only celebrate those who have given so much to Fannin, but we should also celebrate those who still do. Be on the lookout for more “Get To Know Fannin” pieces in our monthly newsletter.


Bill and the Retirement Party