Meet the Team

Meet the Fannin Team

Ever wondered who you are talking to when you call Fannin Tree Farm? Chances are your call will be answered by one of our retail tree specialists. Every day our retail tree specialists are helping our customers plan their tree design, select the perfect tree at our lot and work with our customers every step of the way in the office and on-site at the customer’s home. They are even helping our customers with service after the tree is planted! Our retail tree specialists work with retail customers whether they are planting one tree or many trees, doing a poolscape, screening or privacy fence, neighborhood project or new build landscaping. They also work with landscapers, home builders, HOA’s and many other wholesale customers. Take a minute to meet and learn more about Margie, and Pam, and Fernando.


Margie Webb

Tree Specialist

Margie Webb is a native Alabamian who has lived among trees most of her life and decided to do what she loves most……planting trees and beautifying landscapes. She came to Fannin Tree Farm in 2012 and has worked in the industry for over 15 years. She is a Collin County Master Gardener and is pursuing her Arborist Certification. Margie believes that every tree has a purpose and the right tree selection will last a lifetime! She currently resides in downtown McKinney with her daughter and several four-legged friends.

Pam Poemoceah

Tree Specialist

Pam Poemoceah has been with Fannin Tree Farm for 3 years as a tree specialist.  She enjoys the opportunity to educate her customers on the many aspects of horticulture, landscape planning and design, proper tree care and overall health maintenance of trees. Pam enjoys working with both novice and experts alike and has enjoyed cultivating and enhancing those relationships over the years.   Pam is excited and encouraged to see the industry developing and striving to enhance our world, especially with trees. She looks forward to continuing to educate her customers for many more years. Pam is an avid adventurist and enthusiast for the outdoors.  She has many hobbies including gardening, motorcycle riding, hiking and cycling to name a few. She says her next adventure will be tree climbing.  Pam lives in Plano with her husband and has 2 grown children.

Fernando Vasquez

Service Manager

Fernando joined the Fannin Tree Farm team in May of 2020. Prior to joining Fannin, Fernando has worked the past 13 years in the tree and landscape field. He has experience with tree planting, tree removal, tree diagnosis, insect diagnosis, fertilizing, and tree care.  He is, also, a tree climber with many years of experience in climbing and pruning trees.  He loves helping our customers learn about the care of their trees and helping keep our Fannin Trees Thriving. In Fernando’s spare time he enjoys anything outdoors and his favorite outdoor activity is spending time at the lake, fishing, and hanging out with his son, Joseph, his wife, Dalys, and his extended family.