Fannin Select Live Oak Trees


Looking for Exceptional Live Oak Trees?

We’ve harvested some of the best oaks in Fannin’s history

At Fannin Tree Farm, we take pride in offering North Texas one of the largest inventories of premium trees in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex. We grow all the trees that come to our sales lot in Frisco and take the time to carefully cultivate each species, helping them achieve their optimum potential. Be that as it may, Fannin Tree Farm is widely known for our majestic Fannin Select Live Oak Trees that provide striking beauty and value to any landscape.IMG_0832 Recently, we harvested some impeccable Fannin Select Live Oaks at our growing farm that are undeniably some of the finest trees we have ever had in our inventory.

These special trees have an unmatchable structural aesthetic and come from a new, unharvested field naturally fertilized at a local chicken farm.

They have been hand pruned, cared for by hand and watered properly from the very beginning.

If you’re looking to add a stunning new addition to your residential or commercial landscape, now is the perfect time with the arrival of our Fannin Select Live Oak Trees. If you have any questions or need an estimate regarding these trees, please give us a call at (972) 747-9233 or contact us here.