Fannin Thrive Tree Program

Fannin Thrive Tree Program

At Fannin Tree Farm, we care about the life and wellbeing of our trees long after they leave our farm. That’s why we’ve developed our Fannin Thrive Programs – the ultimate in lifetime care for your trees and shrubs.

Whether you need the time-tested methodology and peace of mind you receive with our Limited Program, or the custom treatment plan developed just for your trees with our Advance Program, there is no better way to protect the lifetime health of your trees. See what our Fannin Thrive Programs include below, and Contact Us, call (972) 747-9233 or Request a Quote to put your trees under the professional of Fannin Tree Farm.

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Fannin Thrive Program – Advance

Caring for trees is more than a “one size fits all” approach. Our Fannin Thrive Advance Program is a holistic plan that is unique to your tree and shrub needs. We individually develop a program tailored toward your needs and aesthetic goals, far exceeding a standard level of care.

The Fannin Thrive Advance Program includes:

  • Initial assessment including full review of all trees and shrubs on the program, soil sampling and a prescription for a custom proactive care plan
  • Quarterly assessment provided by our arborist with essential pest and disease prevention treatments
  • Quarterly tree health report card with recommendations delivered to you
  • Prescription fertilization
  • Plant pest and disease preventative care management
  • Winter dormant oil

Help your trees and shrubs thrive with the best possible care program available – Fannin Thrive Advance. To get started, Contact Us today, call (972) 747-9233 or request a quote below.

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Fannin Thrive Program – Limited

The Fannin Thrive Limited Program uses our standardized Best Practices for nurturing the growth and health of your trees. This program includes 3 seasonal fertilization treatments & 1 dormant oil treatment.

Each of our seasonal treatments is tailored to the specific needs of trees and shrubs in that season.

Fannin_TreeThriveTrees_SpringSpring Treatment

Thrive Premium Blend

Fannin’s Thrive Spring Formula utilizes our slow-release product with an enriched blend of nutrients that improve your trees’ growth, vitality and vigor. This Spring Treatment also comes with the option of two add-ons:

Systemic Insecticide – helps prevent and suppress wood borer and foliar-feeding insects.
Micronutrients – improves foliar color and promotes healthy tissue to fight against pathogens.

Fannin_TreeThriveTrees_summerSummer Treatment

Thrive Organic Blend

Our Thrive Summer Blend utilizes an enriched organic formula that is safe to apply during that infamous Texas summer heat. This product improves water retention and replenishes the soil.


Fannin_TreeThriveTrees_FallFall Treatment

Thrive Autumn Blend

Fannin’s Thrive Autumn Blend is an ideal way to restore life to your trees. The highest percentage of root development occurs in the fall. After dealing with environmental stresses all season long, we believe it is ideal to fertilize trees in the fall. All prescription fertilizations will be applied in accordance to the ANSI A300 (Part 2) – Soil Management.


Fannin_TreeThriveTrees_WinterWinter Treatment

Dormant Oils

Fannin’s Winter Treatment utilizes Thrive Organic Horticultural Oil that is applied to trees and shrubs to prevent and suppress destructive foliar-feeding insects that lay overwintering eggs in the bark and crevices of woody plants.

Don’t just plant a tree – help it thrive with Fannin Thrive. To get started, Contact Us today, call (972) 747-9233 or request a quote below.