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Best Fertilizer for Trees

Fannin Tree Farm highly recommends using Osmocote Flower and Vegetable on all your trees twice a year in April and August. It is a pelletized slow-release fertilizer that releases its nutrients over several months. It will not burn plants or trees and only requires two fertilizations per year. It can be expensive, but very effective and mistake-proof.

Why Osmocote

  • Two applications a year – one early Spring and another in early Autumn
  • Contains everything plants need for healthy growth
  • Releases nutrients at the same rate plants are able to take them up through the roots – no wastage or run-off into waterways and drains
  • Includes a wetting agent to help water and nutrients soak into the soil

Features of Osmocote

Boosted magnesium

To keep leaves green for longer, especially on citrus

Feeds when plants need it

The release of nutrients depends on temperature – more when it’s warm and plants are growing and less when it’s cold and growth is slow

Sustainable & environment-friendly

Scotts Osmocote® uses advanced prill technology that ensures even and controlled nutrient release with no wastage Controlled release means feeding less often and more effectively; less frequent feeding is more economical and environment-friendly

Wetting agent

The added wetting agent enhances water absorption into the soil or potting mix and helps plants take up nutrients

Where can I get Osmocote?

  • Amazon
  • Garden Centers

Fertilizer Reminders for Trees

  • Trees require a more “well-balanced” or “complete” fertilizer which provides nitrogen for green, healthy foliage and phosphorus and potassium for flowering, fruiting, and root development.
  • Fertilizer isn’t medicine for sick trees. Force-feeding a declining tree can make matters worse.
  • Don’t fertilize during dry periods. Plants can’t use fertilizer without adequate moisture. Fertilize before a rain, or water after application.
  • Fertilizer is especially effective on younger trees.
  • If in doubt about quantity, always err on the low side, as too much can burn trees. Follow the label.

Remember: Your trees are the most enduring, the hardest-working, and often the most valuable elements of your landscape. They protect you and your home from heat and wind, reducing energy costs and cleaning the air while beautifying the world. Isn’t a good fertilizer program the least they deserve?