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Happy Thanksgiving

As I was driving from our farmhouse to town to run some errands it was quiet in the truck as I was alone. This rarely happens as most of the time the kids are in tow and life is crazy & fast-paced all the time in our little family. It was a misty morning and the fog was clearing from the fields as I drove and I got to looking at the trees and all the color changes that were happening and thinking how beautiful the trees were. I know, I know before you think it…. they may not as magnificent as the East coast, but they are pretty majestic here in Texas in their own right, if you ask me. It struck me it’s like the last goodbye as they go dormant for the winter and a thank you to nature for another year of growing bigger and stronger. It really struck me at this time in our world with all the crazy, the pandemic, and divides we needed to focus on the positive more and not lose sight of the things we are grateful for. I even stopped and took a few pictures so I could put them up on the fridge to remind myself to be thankful more.

It made me start thinking of all the things I am grateful for and don’t remember enough. I thought I would go first and list a few things I am thankful for in hopes that it makes you think of the things you are thankful for:

  • My family. I have an amazing husband who I adore. Fantastic kids, that keep me on my toes and never stop making me laugh or wonder what’s next. My extended family is big and amazing.
  • My work family. I’m so lucky to work somewhere that I enjoy going to everyday and does not feel like a job. I truly have amazing relationships with my co-workers.
  • My Fannin Customers. They are so much fun, have amazing stories and are a joy to work with.
  • Life. Life really is amazing, and I forget that all the time. Don’t get me wrong, we have our ups and downs and sometimes I want to yell really, why? (especially when we have been quarantining together!) But all and all, things always turn out and I remember how good things are.

I could go on and on but I think you get my point, no matter what is going on in the world, we all have something to be thankful for. I know for me there are times I forget but the other morning was very helpful to get me back to being thankful, again, and just in time for the holidays!

As we enter the holiday season and Thanksgiving is around the corning, I encourage you to stop and reflect on all the positives and things you are grateful for and share the positive with the world. After all, we need that more than anything currently.

From the Fannin family & our Fannin work family to your family, we are grateful for all our customers, your continued support and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving full of peace, health, love, and calm!


C : )

The Top Five Texas Trees for Planting

top texas tree live oak

Texans love their trees and share a strong relationship with its trees. Whether they’re being used for climbing, forgetting some desperately needed August shade, marveled at as tier role as a local landmark, as easy-to-remember landmarks for locals making plans to meet each other or a gathering place. We are lucky that our climate permits the planting of trees all year long. There are many kinds of trees available for planting in your yard. This is Fannin Tree Farm’s Top 5 list of Best Texas Trees to Plant.

live oak tree

Top Texas Tree #1: Live Oak

Live Oaks are large stature trees that are commonly around 50 ft tall with a short, stout trunk that casts a massive amount of canopy to create shade against the Texas heat. Their wood is very hardy making the tree easy to protect in stress. Live Oaks are some of the most popular and well-known landscape trees in Texas.

Top Texas Tree #2: Bur Oak

bur oak
Bur Oaks are large stature trees, native to Texas, also its large leaf and enormous acorn puzzles artistic interests in people. It great adaptability makes it an excellent choice for the Texas environment, as it can adapt to cold and extreme heat. Finally, Bur Oaks have a long taproot which makes it very drought tolerant and thrives well with small amount of water.

Top Texas Tree #3: Cedar Elm

cedar elm
Cedar Elms are known as the most common elm trees in Texas next to American Elms and are widespread throughout East, South, and Central Texas. Cedar Elms can typically grow in many kinds of soils which makes it a more desirable tree in most areas. As well, Cedar Elms are very drought tolerant and cast a very nice shade to fight the Texas heat.

Top Texas Tree #4: Bald Cypress

bald cypress
Bald Cypresses are native to Texas and adapt to various soil conditions, most commonly found in a more wet environment naturally. However, they can withstand those poorly drained areas more than most trees. They can be used for shade and have a very defined pyramidal shape with feather-like leaves that make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Top Texas Tree #5: Magnolia

southern magnolia
Magnolias are commonly known as “southern” trees and strive well in the more Eastern part of Texas. They have large, waxy, fragrant white flowers and large glossy, dark green, leathery leaves that appeal to the eye. Magnolias typically prefer full sun which Texas has no problem with providing and require deep well-drained soils to perform the best.