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Memorial Tree for Jay Friestad

Memorial trees are very special to me and it makes me appreciate even more my love for them when a customer shares a story and a picture from their memorial tree experience. LeAnne Sandefer reached out and shared this sweet story about the Harrolle Rattler baseball team and the memorial tree the team dedicated to their coaches’ father, Jay Friestad.

Here is what LeAnne sent to Fannin Tree Farm:

“As part of the Flower Mound Memorial Tree program, our Fall FMYSA 11u Harrolle Rattler team went together to purchase a tree for our coach’s father, Jay Friestad, who passed away right after the season ended after a long illness. Up until the fall season he had been a part of every game rooting from the dugout and cheering them on. When he couldn’t make it to our last tournament, he rooted us on from his bedside and we won the tournament! To honor his legacy, we had this tree planted at Bakersfield Park in Flower Mound so it will be right by the baseball fields!  With Pam’s help, and the help of the town, we got the tree planted at the park and were able to present it to him on February 9th. In addition, FMYSA will be donating a permanent bronze plaque that will honor Jay as well.”



Remembrance Tree: A Living Memorial

When memorial trees are planted in honor of a person who has passed away, these memorial trees sometimes have plaques with the honoree’s name, birth and death dates, or a short motto.

Fannin Tree Farm provides a certificate of remembrance on all of our memorial and celebration trees. Memorial trees can be planted with or without the person’s ashes. Some people may choose to select a tree in a park where groves of trees are planted in memoriam.

Some families prefer to plant the tree on private property — at the family home or place of personal meaning. Wherever you choose to plant your memorial tree, the practice can be very healing as a life-affirming way to remember and honor a loved one, as it has for me.


The Symbolism Behind Celebration Trees

In honor of a parent who has passed away, one might plant an oak tree where, when it becomes older, they might visit to sit peacefully in its shade and feel connected to their loved one. After losing a pet that was part of the family for many years, planting a tree in their favorite spot in the yard is a good way to remember them. After all, they carved out a special place in our hearts and in our lives. These are just a few of the reasons people plant a celebration or memorial tree.


Fannin Tree Farm Celebration Trees

Fannin Tree Farm would love to help you commemorate a special occasion, celebration or loss in your life or your family’s life. Come in and talk to one of our tree specialists to learn more about the native trees we carry. Fannin has an assortment of tree sizes starting in 30-gallon containers to commemorate these celebrations and memorial events in your life.

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