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We’ve Got a Tree for Every Garden 

f9c4db38-ed26-4627-8048-f00855d7d585What Types of Trees Are You Looking For?

Trees are beautiful specimens that can help the environment, brighten landscapes and even help you save on energy costs. However, to get the most value from your tree investment, it is essential to select the right types of trees and place them in the optimal locations. If you are unsure about what types of trees to plant in your garden, consider:


  • Accents – These types of trees are perfect if you want add beautiful accents to your property: Chinese Pistaches, Crepe Myrtles, Desert Willows, Magnolias and Redbuds.


  • Energy Savings & Shade – If you want to cast more natural shade on your house and even save on energy costs, Maple Trees and Oak Trees and are your best bet.


  • Privacy – Want to block unsightly views or simply add a natural privacy screen? These trees have got you covered: Eastern Red Cedars, Evergreens, Hollies and Junipers.


  • Property Value – To increase your property value by up to 20%, consider planting these trees: Cedar Elms, Chinese Pistaches, Maples and Oaks.


If you would like to learn more about planting the right types of trees for your home, view Fannin’s Virtual Yard for additional information.

Summer Watering Tips

The days are longer, and temperatures are higher, which means summer is officially here in North Texas. With the hot summer heat, it’s essential for you to keep your trees adequately watered using a slow-soak, deep-watering method, such as Gator Bags, hand watering, soaker hoses, and zoned drip systems.

That being said, Fannin Tree Farm encourages you to use the following temperature-based watering guide this summer:

  • 80 to 90 degrees – water twice a week

  • 90 to 100 degrees – water three times a week

  • 100+ degrees – water as needed

The above watering tips are simply guidelines; there is no one-size-fits-all watering schedule. Be sure to check the soil’s moisture levels before watering. If you have any questions or concerns about summer watering, be sure to contact us at your convenience. We’d be glad to help you in any way we can!