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Commercial Tree Transplant – Katy Trail Ice House – Dallas, TX

We added some more shade to the Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas, TX. Here’s 1 of 3 large trees installed, 55,000 lbs each!!!

Replace Your Damaged Trees

The recent winter storm that blanketed our area with several inches of ice proved how unpredictable the weather can be here in North Texas. In addition to causing hazardous road conditions and school closures, ice can be detrimental to trees because of the extra weight they must bear due to ice build-up. If any of your trees were severely damaged in the ice storm, we would like to offer you the opportunity to replace them with Fannin trees at a reduced rate!

Oh Fannin Tree, Oh Fannin Tree!

Fannin_FBPost_GiftCardIt has been an exciting year here at Fannin Tree Farm. In addition to installing countless trees all over the metroplex, we opened a new and improved retail facility at our longtime location in Frisco and held fun and exciting events our esteemed customers helped make successful. In the midst of all the fun, December has rolled around once again, and we are down to the final days of 2013.

If you haven’t begun the process already, now is the time to start gearing up for the holidays and assigning gifts to the people on your list. If you’re wondering what you can get for your family and friends, put a tree under your tree this year, and give the gift of a Fannin tree! While stylish clothes that match the current trends or the latest and greatest tech gadgets make fantastic gifts, their luster tends to fade with the passage of time. Trees, on the other hand, only get better with age. They can weather the elements, provide shade during the hot Texas summers, add beauty and value to any landscape and stand the test of time for generations of enjoyment.

We realize some people on your list may be picky or would rather select something as big as a tree for themselves. If this is the case for you, or if you are unsure or uncomfortable choosing a tree that isn’t for your own home, consider offering a Fannin Tree Farm gift card as a present.

Regardless of what you decide to get your family and friends, all of us at Fannin Tree Farm would like to wish you and yours a very joyous holiday season and a safe, happy New Year!

Fall is the Time to Plant New Trees

Chinese Pistache

It is November here in North Texas, which means it is time to enjoy the cool autumn air, grab a steaming cup of cider or pumpkin spiced anything and start ushering in the holidays. While November officially marks the beginning of the holiday season, it also brings with it the perfect opportunity to plant a beautiful Fannin tree. Contrary to popular belief, fall, not spring, is the perfect time to buy a new tree for a number of reasons.

When it comes to trees, spring is the time for new growth, and fall is the ideal time for planting. The soil conditions from autumn rain and cooler air provide the perfect planting environment, allowing trees’ root systems to acclimate to their new surroundings as they head into dormancy and before they wake up for spring growth.

It’s not too late; there is still time to select the perfect tree for your home and give it a head start that will foster healthy growth in the spring. Come by our tree farm, browse our extensive inventory and select your very own Fannin tree today!

Fall colors are shining bright here at Fannin Tree Farm, and to enjoy these colors at your own home, consider the Chinese Pistache Tree (Pictured). It is a great tree for stunning fall foliage! Come by and take a look at our selection.

Tips for Watering Your Trees During the Summer Months

As we approach the inevitable hot Texas summer, it’s important to closely monitor your watering schedule and methods for watering your trees. Trees need to be watered routinely and correctly to ensure their lasting health and well being. A good approach is to periodically check the soil so that you can gain a feel of when to water. You want the underlying soil (soil that’s about 2-3 inches below the surface), to have similar moisture content as a damp sponge.

When watering, the water needs to be applied slowly so that the deep roots are fed. Light surface watering, such as sprinkler systems, are not adequate for trees and can promote shallow root systems while starving the deeper roots. The best place to apply the slow watering is the outer half of the root ball area under the canopy with a garden hose for about 10 -15 minutes, or 5 – 10 gallons of water, depending on the size of the tree. Other systems for watering such as a soaker hose, gator bag, or drip irrigation can be highly effective also. Mulch can be used to help maintain the moisture levels around the root ball. Mulch depth should stay around 2 – 4 inches deep.

Overwatering leads to a large amount of trees declining every year. Tree roots need to have the ability to breathe, and without a drying period, roots can slowly begin to die. One symptom of too much water is the unexpected lightening or yellowing of leaves starting on the lower part of the tree, and slowly moving outward.  Other symptoms may include wilting of young shoots or brittle green leaves.

We recommend the continued use of SuperThrive, at least once a month, to promote the health of your trees. Please don’t hesitate to call Fannin Tree Farm with any questions you might have.

We would be honored to earn your business!

A Tree is Only Good as its Roots

The root structure of the tree is one of the largest considerations when buying a new tree. Unfortunately, the root structure is hidden so other factors can be concidered when examining the health of your new tree. Examining a tree with the proper root pruning is essential for the longevity of your investment.

Three Root Pruning Processes:


Water stress is eliminated with the proper irrigation maintaining great root growth. Without the right acidity in the soil, the root system has a difficult time absorbing the right nutrients for adequate growth. Both qualities of proper irrigation and fertilization can be established with both growing methods, Balled & Burlap and Container Growing Methods.


Root pruning is used to encourage new feeder root to form and take to the new soil quicker. Root pruning minimizes risks associated with the transplant and virtually eliminates the risk of the tree not growing roots into the new soil.


The harvesting techniques ensure that the trees are properly “cured” before being re-installed at it’s final destination. A “cured” tree is a tree that has been harvested and the root system has hardened off so that when reinstalled the root system can take properly to its new soil and have the best livability rate.


A dense root structure. Under-watering and improper fertilization lead to a opaque root system. A dense root ball shows an high amount of root surface area. Next, the “cured” or hardened off roots that are visible throughout the root system. Fannin Tree Farm has always kept the highest standards of root care; continuous measurement of water and fertilizer consumption, proper root pruning and curing and extreme care in transplantation. Our passion is to see our trees become apart of your home, and will give you the proper maintanence instruction to see that your tree stays healthy and happy.

Is your HOA bugging you about replacing the dead trees left from summer? Look at our NEW before and after pictures to see if Fannin Tree Farm can restore the life into your property!

To find out more on our root care and transplanting please call us at 972.747.9233

Fannin Fall Fest


October 18 – 20th, 2013

We have endured a long, hot summer here in North Texas, and, thankfully, fall is finally here! To celebrate this transitional season, we here at Fannin Tree Farm are happy to to be hosting our first Fannin Fall Fest! Come join us Friday, October 18 through Sunday, October 20 and browse through our new selection of inventory, take advantage of up to 25% off* your tree purchase and enjoy free food from our very own Fannin smoker.

We hope to see you there!


October 1st – 18th, 2013

Is there a spot on your property that could be enhanced by a beautiful Fannin tree? If so, you’re in luck because in addition to our Fall Fest, Fannin Tree Farm will be hosting our first Free Tree Sweepstakes on Facebook from October 1 through the 18. The winner will be announced at noon during the Fall Sale on Saturday, October 19 and receive one 45 gallon shade tree of his or her choice.**  

*Visitors will receive:

  • 5% off purchases up to $1,000
  • 10% off purchases between $1,000 – $2,000
  • 15% off purchases between $2,000 and $3,000
  • 20% off purchases between $3,000 and $5,000
  • 25% off purchases over $5,000

**Choice of Live Oak Tree, Red Oak Tree, Chinese Pistache Tree, Lacebark Elm Tree or White Oak Tree